Memoire Logistics & Decor

At Memoire Logistics and Decor, we offer one-stop services for all your event logistics and decoration. Our logistics and decor are uniquely put in place just for your event. We build props and decorative elements taking your unique event concept into consideration. Make the big decisions and leave the smallest of details to us!

Venues do not impose limits. The sky is the limit to creativity.

Our team of creative designers can turn any venue with their touch to suit your event. Outdoor or indoor, we bring the dream event to life with our customised decorations.

The play of colours bring any venue to life!

Let our team of creative designers carefully consider the colours that suit your personality and event.

The impact and influence of the proper decoration cannot be underestimated and they play very important in enhancing the mood and set a perfect ambience for any type of event.

Setting the perfect ambience.

Contextualising the decoration.

Social event decoration exhibits pomp and show and invigorating whereas the corporate event decor is always oriented towards calm, serene and elegant clearly expressing the values of corporate event.

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